Friday, February 8, 2013

How to Build Links to your Blog Organically

What is link building?

Link building is an  effort to divert traffic to a particular blog or  web  page  by  using a backlink. The back link can  be  from  other   websites,  blogs,    advertisements,articles, online forums or directories. To put it in simple words, link building is a process to divert traffic to your own  website or  blog from  links that you put anywhere on the Internet.


Why is link building important?

Internet users find the information that they are looking for on the Internet through links. You
must ensure that you have link to your website or blog placed all over the internet. This will give
Internet users more opportunity to land on your website or blog.

What does building links to your blog organically mean?

Webmasters leave no stone unturned to ensure that their web pages rank high on the searchengine’s results pages. One of the efforts to achieve the required website traffic is by creating
back links to your website or blog. There is, however, another category of link building known
as organic link building. A link that originates from another author’s web page, blog or social
account without you being asked for it - termed as an organic link. Organic links are created by
internet users when they realize that your blog is worth sharing. Read on to know how to build
links to your blog organically.

Tips on how to build links to your blog organically

Tip #1

*  Provide Quality Content

One of the ways to get a back link from a quality source is to provide quality content. When
it comes to getting back links for your blog, content is the key. While writing content for your
blog, always keep in your mind that you have to target the readers. Put yourself in their shoes
and write content for them. Avoid copying content and passing it off as your original work. If
you have an original and quality content on your blog, there's high chances of internet users copy
pasting link to your blog for reference on their web page or blog. Having quality content on your
blog can greatly improve your chances of getting an organic back link.

Tip #2

* Write about Current Topics

As a blog writer you must stick to a particular niche. Ensure that you do not divert from the field
that you started blogging about. When you publish a new blog post, make sure that you blog on
current topics providing readers with informative facts and statistical figures. To write a good
blog post, you need to carry out the required amount of research. Do your homework well and
write a quality blog post churning out the facts and figures that are not so well known. If you
write about trading events and make your blog as informative as you possibly can, other readers
will quote your blog address as reference. This will give you a quality organic link that you
might be looking for.

Tip #3

* Provide users with Easy Options to Link to your Blog

Your blog can have quality content that may impress readers and make them want to use your
blog address as a reference link. If your blog’s link is complicated, the user will look out for
links from other blogs of the same genre. You must provide the user with the necessary coding
information that they require to incorporate in their website to be able to link to your blog.
This will make the back linking process to your blog user friendly. This can also increase your
chances of getting an organic link.

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