Tuesday, January 29, 2013

SEO Resolutions for 2013 that can Make You a Better Blogger

It is that time of the year when most  of us  get engaged in   brainstorming  to  choose  something as  our New Year  resolutions. Whether or not we keep up with the  resolutions  each  year, we  still  start  off with high hopes  the  next  year. We  make  resolutions   related to our  persona, our  habits,  our  work, our    relationships and our hobby. Most probably blogging is either  your hobby or your work. As a blogger myself, I have made certain resolutions related  to   my blog’s  SEO,  that fit
well for  blogging in the  year  2013,  which happens to be  right  after  the year of  learning  and  surprises  for bloggers (2012). I’m going to share the list with you as I   believe  that       these  resolutions  if  followed  with dedication will ensure better search engine ranking of your blog.


Before we proceed, it’s better to know what SEO is and how it matters in blogging (especially if you
are a newbie. If you are not, skip the next paragraph).

SEO is the process that helps you improve your website’s ranking in the search engine. In other
words SEO gets you to the first pages of a search result, thus improving your blog’s visibility. SEO
has grown through the years and is now one of the most important facets of blogging and requires
expertise. You need to either learn it through trial and error, or hire a SEO expert to handle it.

Now that you got a brief idea of SEO, let’s get into action. Jot down these SEO resolutions for 2013
for better blogging –

1.  Will Produce Better Content: Content is king. This is a famous saying in the field of
     blogging; the value of this saying has increased multifold after the Google Panda update last
     year. So it is undoubtedly the paramount resolution in any smart blogger’s mind for 2013.
     Your content can always be made better. There can be no end for that. So embark upon
     making better content every time as compared to your last time.

     Use bullets, header tags, paragraphs and fine tune your titles, grammar, writing style. Making
     people connect emotionally with your content is the key. All this forms a part of content SEO
     for long lasting ranking results.

     Also ensure that you provide wider range content; not just words, but go beyond words with
     images, videos and infographics.

2.  Will Be Really Social: Newbie bloggers often mistake being social to having accounts,
     groups and pages in various social networking sites and blogging directories; and then
     publicizing each post in those sites not caring to know if people really bother to see the posted
     content, only with the goal of doing well in SEO. Being social in the real sense is interacting
     with your fans and followers. Some ways to interact could be conducting captivating polls,
     offering giveaways, triggering interesting contests and sometimes simply asking them how
     they are doing.

     What is the point if your presence in social networks is no different from a newsletter leaving
     a chunk of posts? You need to differentiate between the two, Right?

     After all social networks are meant to be entertaining.

3.  Will Diverge My Links: The earlier a blogger learns this, the better he gets. This is a vital
     learning from the last year’s Google Penguin algorithmic update. Otherwise also, this strategy
     is a good choice, as it gets your blog link juice from various blogs (better be it from the same
     niche), through various links (posts/pages) and various keywords (I meant anchor text). If
     you feel that link building is not your cup of tea, better resort to SEO experts who can do the
     hard work for you, so that you can concentrate more on other aspects of blogging that you are
     good at.

4.  Will be Informed: It is always better to be informed about the latest news and happenings
     in (and to some extent out of) your niche. This helps you take informed decisions.

     Would you dare to buy unnatural links after being educated about the Penguin update? You
     may otherwise. So save yourself by keeping yourself updated about all that you and your blog
     are involved in. Taking uninformed decisions may land you in trouble. Some stuff you must
     follow as a blogger are- Google’s official blogs, PRO bloggers in your niche and newsletters
     of services you use for your blog (like plugins). It’s always better to follow updates from SEO
     experts because the valuable information shared by them can help you rank well in Google.

 These are some SEO resolutions I feel are immensely relevant to 2013 (due to major changes in
 the way search works). Do share your SEO or blogging resolutions in the comment box.

 If you are not much into SEO, your best SEO resolution could be hiring an SEO expert.

 Happy Blogging. Happy Ranking.

About author: Sandy Trevino is a SEO, PPC expert specialize in writing various topics about SEO
and ultimate tips for positive SEO results for small business to big organizational websites.
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