Saturday, January 19, 2013

LSI Keywords for SEO: Importance, Selection & Usage

How do these  web  search  engines work? And what is it that  makes some  programs  less inefficient than others? When one enters a key  phrase  or a keyword in  a  web  search  portal  and  hits the  enter key,  the internet   search  engine  throws  up  a  list  of results containing the terms in  the  inquiry. Generally  users visit those internet sites  that  are  highest  on this list as  they  think  that   those  sites  are  central    to  the question. This  happens  due to    a     powerful   web marketing method called Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

SEO is a method that aids search engines locate and rank one’s website higher than the other websites
that respond to a keyword. Generally, the higher the position on the results page more the visitors
viewing that page. Thus SEO aids in increasing visitors from search engines. And the basic in SEO is
utilizing keywords and Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) keywords.

LSI also known as latent semantic analysis (LSA) is a process of listing similar terms or idioms with
related meaning to an internet site’s keywords, i.e. equivalent words or equivalent phrases. The main
trait of LSI is its capability to only select the real subject matter from a phrase by creating relations
between those terms that appear in related situation.

LSI overcomes two of the most difficult problems of Boolean keyword inquiries: synonymy (synonymous words) and polysemy (several meanings for a single word). Since synonymy causes discrepancies in the language used by the authors and the information recovery systems, Boolean or keyword inquiries frequently give unrelated outcomes and fail to spot significant information.


While the significance, impact and necessity of excellent web content are unquestionable the quality of the subject matter will ultimately decide the fate of the company site that pop up in the web search. The content of its internet site is the primary impression that any company creates on its clients. LSI helps internet search engines like Google to get an idea about the websites in order to establish its position in the search engine. While it is impossible to perfect any website without correct keyword study, and every keyword comes with numerous related keywords, LSI helps to decide applicable keywords, which in turn assist in making the text more suitable.


While creating an internet site the choice of the correct keywords and key phrases is extremely
important. One should choose the keywords that internet users are aggressively searching for. In order to get an elevated ranking without often replicating identical keywords, a site can use LSI key phrases or words to get a higher position in a web search. The effect of utilizing LSI keywords is a predictable flow to the website’s content for internet clients and search engines alike. In addition, using LSI key phrases provides one more reason for search engine results pages (SERP), i.e. it places the website in perspective.


LSI key phrases are utilized in a similar way as normal keywords. The density and positioning of
keywords and the LSI equivalents in the content are very important. For a website to appear
indigenous, key phrases and LSI keywords should only be 2-5% of the entire content. If it is lower than 2% the website will be improperly indexed and if it is in excess of 5%, then it is considered saturated. This is damaging to the SEO as the use of the same keywords too many times is termed as keyword stuffing and search engines takes off the sites that are liable of keyword stuffing.

In conclusion, the SEO scenario in so unstable that the use of good and original subject matter is very
vital and one should be very cautious as to not use one’s keywords frequently, instead one can use
accepted synonyms like those recommended by the Google keywords device.

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