Monday, December 31, 2012

Using Right Background Images For Your Website

It is important  that  the look  and feel of our websites strike a  chord with   the visitors.  If  your visitors are not happy with  your  website   then  they  go  to   the other options that they have. We  always come across sites that have probably a wrong music playing when it opens or might have a  horrible  background image which   acts   as    a huge  turn off.   These   elements become a   hindrance  for   the  visitor   and  leave  a negative impact on them.

A website should be able to provide a pleasant user experience, without a pleasant user experience
visitors will not come back to your website. We must have seen many websites that have a background image, but is it really necessary to add such an image to your website? Does it help or harm the website in anyway? We need to consider a few points and do the necessary homework before we actually decide on adding a background image to our website.
A background image should never hamper the user experience in any way. Sometimes background images are too colorful or too dark in a way that it becomes difficult to understand the content on the website. You do not want the image to be the reason for the visitor to leave your website. So the question you first need to ask is whether it will attract or distract your visitor. If you are going to add a background image to your existing website then ask your regular visitors whether its hampering their experience or not. If it is not attracting visitors then it’s better not to have it. You do not want anyone leaving because of a background image.
It’s important that you keep your visitor interested in the content of your website. If your background image is not matching your brand or if doesn’t relate to your target audience then better not have it. Understand your audience or else you will end up hurting yourself. Always use images that relate to your brand and appealing to your visitors.
You see different size backgrounds images on different websites. The size of the image is also an important factor when it comes to background images. If the image utilizes more space than the site will take more time to load and you know that we do not like waiting for the websites to load. The more the websites take time to load the quicker will your visitors leave.
All your content should be easily readable no matter how your background image is. All of your text should be readable over the background image, so any transparencies might sit better if the background is anchored to the top.

You also need to know what kind of device is most used to view your website. The viewing experience is different on a computer and a smartphone. If you're using a repeating background then it won't probably apply because it will expand or contract depending on the screen size of the device.Bottom-line is that if you can still keep your visitor interested with a background image and if he or she is still able to get a great user experience then you do not have any problems.
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