Tuesday, December 25, 2012

How To Make Money Making Blog Posts

It is possible to make money  with a  blog. It is an undeniable fact that people do make money  with
their blogs, but you must understand that they are not making a lot of money. There are no bloggers
who have ever made  millions of  dollars  though their blog.  The people who  promise  you  tips to
earn you hundreds  of  dollars  with your blog are lying to  you. If  you  would  like  to  make  some
money with your blog posts then try the techniques on this article. The techniques  on this article  will
make you  a few  dollars  per month,  therefore, if you want to make more money via your blog posts,
you  will   have  to  find  ways   to  scale-up   your blogging operation.


Write them on behalf of a company that pays you

This is a sure fire way of making a positive return on your blog post, which is why it is listed at
the top of the list. Online businesses are always looking for new ways to advertise their website
and their products. If you can prove that your blog is highly attended then there are many
online businesses that will pay you to write things on your blog. Primarily they will want you
to link from your blog post to their website, so may require you to write about a subject that is
related to them without actually mentioning them by name. Otherwise they may simply want
you to write about how great they are and then link to them. These online businesses will be
willing to pay you more if you can prove that you have lots of people attending your blog on a
regular occasion.

Write a review about a product that you affiliate advertise on your blog post

There are affiliate programs that allow you a reasonable amount of control over what adverts
run on your blog. All you need to do is find an affiliate program where you are sure you know
what will appear on each blog post, and then write about those products. For example if you
know that your blog post will run affiliate adverts for kinetic powered generators then you
could write an expose on those types of generators, or a review on those types of generators.
That way you will attract people who are looking for information on that particular product.
It means that they are highly likely to look at adverts for the product after they have finished
reading your blog. If you get people to click on the adverts then you are paid via your chosen
affiliate system.

Write blog posts that gain a great PageRank and charge people for links from it

People really want links from websites that have a high PageRank, because they have a more
beneficial effect on the websites that they link to. So all you need to do is build up your
blogs ranking and then sell links from it. Be careful that you do not advertise your link selling
service online, because if Google finds out that you are selling links (instead of creating them
organically) then they will punish your blog, and may even ban you from appearing on the
Google search engine results.

Make it a big advert for your ecommerce products that you link to via the blog post

This is a cheap trick but is used by a lot of people. Write blog posts about the products on your
ecommerce website and then link your blog post to them. The idea is that people look at the
blog post about your products, and are so bowled over by the blog post that they follow the
link t your ecommerce website and buy the product. It is does generate some sales but as you
can imagine the sales are few and far between (unless you happen to be an expert blog post

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