Thursday, December 6, 2012

Common SEO Myths Truth Revealed

The  obsession  with  SEO it seems has reached its zenith and along with it has  also come some many stories  about the means to  getting better  rankings. Most  of  what  you  will  read  on the Internet and those pretending to be  expert  advice is  half  truth and the rest,  total lies. Almost  everything will not stand to any scientific testing. The plain facts about search  engine  optimization  are that,  honest work seldom goes waste and you surely will get a decent rank if you stick to ethical practice. SEO in any form ,remember, is unethical. Giving value to your readers is what brings in revenue to search engines, and search engines will not like to lose revenue, which too don’t forget.

Nevertheless, SEO is a practice that everyone will be doing in the fond hope that it will let them race
ahead of others. Personally, I don’t think that is the case. You can still try doing it; it may not harm you unless you are trying to do some black hat tricks. Black hat tricks trust me can have a severe backlash on your website. One of the important things that you will also have noticed on the Internet is tons of advice based on some presumption that are not substantiated. Most, you must understand are simply myths and they cannot be verified either.

Separating the myths from reality is what one needs to do to get a good page rank. Too much of
obsession with SEO rules can actually take the pleasure out of writing for the Internet. Here are three
myths that you need to dispel before you start enjoying the Internet and writing for it.

Myth 1: There is only one search engine and that is Google.

There can be nothing farther away from truth than that. In fact, the number of search engines runs into hundreds and thousands, but not all of them work for general searches. Except for 3 -- Google, Bing and Yahoo most of the others are special search engines. Some of the special search engines are used for making searches for special or specific searches. There are even search engines where results are indexed by humans.

Myth 2: Meta Tags is everything for being found in Search Engine

That is still another myth that floats around the Internet. In fact, Meta tags were first invented to give
search engines an idea about what is actually contained in the website. As search engines became more sophisticated, they don’t depend on them for ranking pages. Nowadays, search engines understand the futility of ranking a website on the basis of Meta tags. In fact, search engines don’t attach any importance to them; not even the least. People, who write webpage codes, don’t even write Meta tags these days, remember.

Myth 3: High Keyword Density Means Better Ranking

That is absolutely wrong. In fact, if you tried stuffing your articles or content with keywords irrelevantly,and used them as Meta tags as well, your site stands high chances of being down ranked. This is a universal phenomenon across all search engines. While a small mistake here and there does not make a big difference to search engine ranking, stuffing will surely invite flak.

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  1. great blog post! i enjoyed the read. haha i think i learned about most of this in my web design class.. it was a good refresher~

    - sarah -

  2. SEO myths really never exist! They only suggested robotics facts about it. Your right, the truth is the essence of your site and content of post.

  3. Great post, I'm very relieved to read this. I have read so many articles and just don't know what to do or not to do anymore. I'm just going to forget about it an focus on writing posts.

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  5. the matter was not as sensational as your title to be very true. Sorry but the truth revealed!