Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Make Your Blog Optimized for Traffic and Search Visibility

You can advertise your blog on an affiliate program. You can create a guest post on a few  popular  blogs and draw  traffic  that way.  You can  add your blogs address to the bottom of every  email you send,  and you can start a social media campaign to drive traffic to your blog. Another way  you can  get  traffic  is to make it more visible on search  engines.  The truth is that Google is not the first port of call for most Internet users.


They tend to sign straight onto the website that prompted them to go online in the first place.
They do this by looking at their history, using their favorites, clicking on a desktop icon, or going
to their RSS feeds. Nevertheless if a person is looking/searching for something--their first port
of call will be Google. This is why it is a good idea to have your blog very visible on the search
engines results pages, so that you can mop up the extra traffic that flows onto search engines
after people have finished doing what they originally set out to do online.

Link up your blog
It is a good idea to put at least two links within each of your blog posts, and three internal links
at the bottom of each post. The ones at the bottom of each post should be something like, “If
you liked this, then you will love…..” Try to link to other pages in your blog that are on a similar

Use plugins to link up your blog
If you are using Magento, Joomla, WordPress (or even a number of others) then there are
plugins available that will help you to link up your website internally. If you really want
to optimize your blog in a serious way then use a plug-in that displays scrolling blog post
suggestions. Preferably, they will scroll down the page with images attached to them. If you do
not have the time to link up all of your past pages then look out for plugins that will do it for
you. There are also plugins that will test all of the links on your blog. If you fix or remove your
broken links then you will go a long way to cleaning up your blogs SEO.

Use images
Use images moderately. In other words do not upload so many pictures that your blog loads
slowly, but do add some. Make sure that each one has a title, ALT text and a description (if
possible). Not only will this help to increase your blogs SEO value, it will also pull traffic from
the Google images search engine too.

Use a compression plug-in
The larger that your blog gets--the longer it will take to load. There are plugins and add-ons
that will compress your blog down, so that only the first three/five posts load. This will vastly
decrease your blogs “page complete time”. The lower your page loading completion time is
then the higher Google will rank you. Google considers the time your page takes to load to be a
very important factor in your SEO.

Remove your adverts
The adverts running on your blog are adding elements, text and images to your blog. They are
weighing it down.

Run online tests
There are many tools online that will point out the good and bad things about your blog. They
will show you your PageRanks, and tell you what is affecting your blog negatively. Try a few
free trials online and find out what is keeping your blog off of the first page of Google’s search
engine results.

Install a comment section
This has its positive and negative sides. The positive side that you should concentrate on is the
fact that it is very good for your on-page SEO. Every time a comment is uploaded onto your
blog, the Google algorithm marks it as an update. This has no positive affect in the short term,
but in the long term, it is very good for your blogs Google ranking.
Older websites and blogs are ranked higher than newer websites and blogs IF they have been
frequently updated whilst they were online. People posting comments are a way of showing
that your site is being updated--even when you are not doing the updating yourself. You can
also pour a little fuel on the fire and answer some of the comments. It is a good way of getting
commenters to come back and comment again.

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  1. They are very effective points. I started to maintain a blog for 6 months but I didn’t know much of these points. You have done a great job.

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