Thursday, November 8, 2012

5 Things You Can't Forget Before Publishing Blog Post

Here are five things that you should  follow if you wish to  post a good blog post. Some of the  things
you  should  follow  should  be  followed  prior  to even writing your blog. The other things should be
considered after you have written the blog post but before you post it online. Some of these things will land you in hot  water if  you  do  not  follow  them. Some of  the  other  things on  this  article will help you to create a better  blog post,  which both flows and is exciting and fun.

1 - Follow your instincts
You started writing your blog post for a reason. You have a good blog post inside you. You
must make sure that to stick to this belief. Do not get half way through your blog post and then
say, “Oh that will do.” If you are going to make a blog post, then you may as well make a good
one. When you feel the tug of inspiration as you are writing--then go with it and follow your
instincts in order to create the best blog post of all time.

2 - Follow your competition
Before you even write your blog post, you should be looking at what you competitors are
posting. You should see how they are posting their blog, how they come across, what attitude
they have and what stances they take. You can then write a counter argument to their blog. If
you see an element of their blog that works then you can copy it and have a similar success.
If your competition has a blog and they have had it for a long time then you should learn all you
can from it. If they have a lot of traffic or have built up a good following then you should go out
of your way to see what works for them and what does not. Educate yourself on the success
of your competitors so that you can copy that success and then build upon it, so that you beat

3 - Follow the rules of etiquette
This involves things such as not posting negative things about other people, products or
companies without some sort of balance. This involves not making up fact and figures, and
not making up stories and trying to pass them off as being true. If you are posting on a blog
platform that has rules then you should check those rules for certain etiquette stipulations. If
you are posting on your own blog that you are hosting then following the “general” rules of
etiquette will help stop you attracting negative attention to your blog.

4 - Follow the law
This mainly involves slander, libel and copyright. If you are going to make accusations about
a person or a company then you will need some sort of proof. Even online forums such as
blogs are a place where you can get in trouble for taking a negative stance about a person or a
company. It is okay to give your opinion, but you cannot say anything negative about a person
or company and pass it off as fact without proof.
Copyright laws are another thing you should follow. It is your duty to reference any copied
material. If you cannot reference it then you cannot post it. Some things are copyrighted so
that you have to have permission to copy them in whole or in part. Learn about copyright,
licenses and permission prior to copying anything.

5 - Follow the rules of grammar and spelling
If your grammar or spelling is very bad, to the point where reading your blog is difficult, then
the search engines will lower your page rank. If you make your grammar and spelling too
perfect then your writing will come off as stale and dry (even boring). You need to strike a
happy balance of being grammatically readable but still fun and exciting.

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  1. These are quite basic points you considered in post. So far we must eye on our competitors :)
    Thanks for the sharing

  2. The hardest one is your last point ( Follow the rules of grammar and spelling) for me. :-D There are few grammar mistakes in every my blog post. :-(

  3. You should improve your writing skills and than your posts will be much better @Raplus

  4. I think there are more.but you did it well.

  5. Yes there are more points. But you have mentioned very basic points here and it will be really useful for other blog posters and for the beginners. Anyway you have done a great job. All of your points are 100% accurate.

  6. Content Plays very important in SEO World. Make it quality sharing to your readers.

  7. You got the point there!
    Thanks for sharing this mate.

  8. Very helpful post for me as a beginner,kept basic and relatively simple thanks.