Monday, September 24, 2012

FeedBurner Subscribers Dropped to Zero September 2012

Yesterday morning when i check my website,I was shock because, My email subscriber count goes to
zero. Therefore FeedBurner  chicklet showing my email subscriber 0  readers.There was over 1000
readers earlier.Actually I don't have any idea, why suddenly subscriber had come down to zero.Because Google not inform about this before happen. i think all of site owners faced this problem.This is temporary, Google will fix this problem as soon as they can. Just relax.

However feedburner process runs as usual. visitors can subscribe via feedburner. If you are think your website visitors discourage about seening this, you can remove chicklet.Actually, One thing you can do for this.You can see your, email subscribers without problem. Just backup it. It will more safe.
You c an follow these steps to backup it.

1. Log in to feedburner

2. Click your feed name.

3. Go to Publicize tab.

4. Under service, click Email Subscription like below.

5. Go to bottom of the page and click View Subscriber Details

6. Under  click  Export: CSV it will save to txt file

So your feedburner emails are backup successfully. Google will provide a solution for this soon./
we have to just wait for it.If you are got a news about it. let us know. :)

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