Sunday, May 27, 2012

How To Add BuySellAds Marketplace Listing Widget To Blogger

Buysellads Recently introduced a new tools for
websites to listing their ads market place.Earlier
Advertisers need to check the listing from Buysellads
site.In this tool helpful to advertisers get the information
 from same website.So, this tool can add to blogger
easily.We can use new page for this tool.
Follow the steps for adding it to blogger.

BuySellAds Marketplace

Market Place Listing

1.  Log in to BuySellAds Dashboard >> Tools.
BuySellAds Marketplace code
2. Log to your Blogger and go to Posting>> Edit page.
   Click New Page.

3. You can rename page as "advertise"
4. Now paste the code where you get from BSA website.

5. Now Click Save and Publish, you are done.

After you can click view page >>copy the url and create new link as advertise here in menubar.

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