Thursday, August 4, 2011

Useful Blogging Tips For Beginners

Now i have a lot of experience with blogging, hope to share it
 with you.Here have some blogging tips (SEO) for
creating proper blog.

Choose a proper niche
If you are new to blogging, you already heard about "Find your niche for blog".So, you have to choose proper niche for your blog.It helps you to grow up your blogger.You can write about anything, Main thing is,before you choosing a niche, you have to find what you enjoy most, what you love most, your hobby and life style.Because a blog is a long term investment of your time.Make some list about  what you like most, After choose the best topic for your blog. you can write about health, sports. technology many more.Don't choose more competitive niche topic.

 Choosing Domain
When you are choosing domain, try to find related to your niche topic.So it easy to rank your blog.
*  Try to buy  .com domain
*  It must easy to remember
*  Try to choose short name
*  Do not try to choose name with hyphens or numbers
*  It must be descriptive

Choose simple and clean blogger template
 When you are choosing template to your blog, choose clean and nice template. Do not use unwanted gadget for your blog. If you are writing blogs for business, don't use background music pop-up ads,peoples don't like pop-up ads and background music.Some bloggers are use weather gadget and  slide shows,people are not visiting your site for checking weather.So be smart and do the right thing.Use fast loading template.

Add  keywords for your blog.
Adding keywords is the important parts of SEO (search engine optimization). It helps to get traffic for your blog.Choose target keywords for your blog. Try to add low completion keyword, Do not go for high competition keyword. so use low competition and  decent search volume. click here to  how to add Meta tag for your blog.

Design a logo for your blog.
Try to Design a good logo for your blog. If we have attractive logo,people can remember your blog easily,
so we can get a advantage of  designing logo.

Write unique articles.
Try to make unique and fresh articles, Use your own words.Use attractive image for your post. make some category for your article.Use main topic for categorizes.

There have more tips,hope to share it.


  1. Thanks for sharing...I'll follow your tips...

  2. perfectly shared! This are the things every blogger should learn! :)

  3. really nice tips, thanks and keep posting.

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