Friday, April 22, 2011

How to Find broken link on your website

How to Find broken link on your website

If there have more broken link on your site, its not good for
search engine ranking and your visitors also.For example if
you put download link and it will not work,visitors will force
 to other sites.Therefore you have to fix it.So finding broken
link manually is not really easy. some site have thousand of
pages.but now there have software you can use it. you can
check your broken link within 4,5 minutes.Follow steps.

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1. Download the software

2. unzip it and install to your computer

3.after run Xenu.exe

4.Now go to left top and click File >> Check URL

5. You can add your site like (

6. Press Ok  after you can see broken link with red color. you can fix it

Good luck