Thursday, February 16, 2012

How To Boost Alexa Rank

Some People asked, how to increase alexa rank.So i thought
 to share my experience with you.Hope it will help you to
boost your alexa rank.If you don't know about alexa rank.
If your site have  100,000 alexa rank its mean your site is
the 100,000 most visited on the web.Actually this is not
accurate and its a estimation.Having better alexa ranking
mean you site is become more popular and getting more

How does alexa ranking work.

Alexa provide ranking by gathering data (Likes the browsing data from millions people's) from the alexa tool bar. Other thing is they measure traffic rank by country, if website is local, alexa rank will high for the its country and low for the world rank.

Why we need to improve alexa ranking.

If you are webmaster, you already know how important of booting of alexa rank.basically
main thing is if u hope to get advertisers to your website,you have to care about your alexa rank, because mostly advertisers will check your alexa rank.If you are hope to sell your website, you need to get good alexa rank, if not you cant go for high amount.

How to Improve your alexa ranking.

* Try to get quality traffic to your website.
* Install alexa toolbar and set your homepage as your site address.
* Add Alexa's widgets on your site and show off your Traffic Rank
* Get review and and rating to your site.
* Write blog about alexa.

If you have question about this, comment below. hope this help to increase your alexa rank.


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