Saturday, January 29, 2011

Paypal Donation Button to Make Money

This is a great way to your readers can reward to as they like.
they can pay via paypal.its easy. I think it will helpful.try this step.

Sign it to your papal account.

1. Login to your paypal account with using your E-mail and password.
2. Go  to top menu and select "Merchant Services"
3. Scroll down and find the "Donation"link Click on donation,after  fill the 
     informaton like   Organization name/service, Donation I.
4. Now click "Customize Appearance".and filling the information and click "Create Button".
5.Now you can see HTML code,copy it.

Add HTML Code To Your Blogger

1. Sign In to your blogger and click "Design" on your dashboard and click "Page Element".
2. Click "Add Gadget " and select "HTML/JavaScript".
3. Now paste code,what You copy from paypal and save it.
4. After you can see paypal donation button from your blog.

Add HTML Code To Wordpress blog

1. Login to your Wordpress blog and go to its Dashboard,Click presentation>>Wideget
2. Click content area and in "Text 1" widget
3. Paste your code to HTML area and save it and open your blog and see donate button.
Enjoy it.
I think this will more useful.


  1. Yay! Thanks! I have made my button and it's up on my blog just now.

  2. the idea is brilliant friends
    can be a passive income while blogging

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  4. i have no follower but my visitors rating are good then how can i earn money by my blog ..... and also how much traffic or follower we need for earning

    my add rents are very less but still its blanks how i do